Moliis & Dominis Project is a collaboration of two exceptional artists. Liisa Moliis and Rob Dominis unite a similar concept and vision for their music. They tend to stick to similar musical aesthetics, which has led the duo towards a deeper musical understanding and cooperation. Because of their versatile backgrounds, they are able to bring and combine different elements and dimensions to their music. Moliis/Dominis Project is, at its heart, entertaining and accessible. Clever and imaginatively arranged jazz standards, pop/rock classics, evergreens and classical music gems played with passion. Their program is complemented by the duo's own original compositions.

Liisa Moliis is an internationally acclaimed vocalist and songwriter in Europe and North America. Moliis's repertoire extends from pop and jazz to gospel, and even to Hebrew music. Moliis is continually seeking to press beyond boundaries and expand her unique sound by mixing different genres. Her strengths are versatility, adaptability and expressive power. This energetic singer is also a familiar sight in musical theater and physical theater where she has been performing, producing and directing. The Scottish genes of Liisa Moliis give their own added color to this wonderful singer's interpretations. Moliis, who has had a long career in music pedagogy, also has projects and performances in the three countries she lives in and calls home: Finland, USA and Spain.

Rob Dominis is a USA native pianist from Chicago with Croatian roots who now calls Finland his home. He has performed and recorded around the world, from New York, to Singapore and Vienna with various projects. He has worked together with many Finnish and international acts such as Billy Cobham and Pekka Pohjola. Dominis’ musical roots are in jazz, but he is equally at home in other rhythm music genres. Despite his long, extensive and varied experience, Rob continues to bring great passion and devotion to his music. Dominis is a highly regarded pedagogue at the Helsinki Pop and Jazz Conservatory, where he is busy training the current and future top musicians of Finland since 1990. Rob also has much experience in the Finnish mainstream music scene. He has performed extensively around Finland and has played and recorded with top names such as Jorma Kääriäinen, Pentti Hietanen and Tapani Kansa. Dominis also has musical theater experience and has also played in many of the YLE and MTV3 studio orchestras.